Are you improving year over year?

What role does your workplace culture play in your performance?

How has your workplace culture been impacting the bottom line?  Mike Chase offers you and your team the opportunity to explore the relationships that exist in your place of business and how those relationships are affecting your success.  Whether it is a motivational keynote for that “shot in the arm”, or an intensive day long discovery workshop, Mike has a program that will leave you with a renewed sense of inspiration, understanding, and passion for achieving unprecedented results.  Mike will work with you on a detailed needs analysis so that your experience can have a direct impact on the bottom line.
Mike has extensive experience working with Strengthfinder 2.0 and has lead motivational and teambuilding events for clients in the fields of government, telecommunications, professional athletics, senior administration, tertiary education, youth leadership development, and education.

Mike's experience as a coach, facilitator, and speaker allow him to reach your organization at multiple levels in a meaningful and engaging way.  With a firm background in professional development, Mike will ensure that you have access to a functional support structure once the initial event is over and will support you in achieving your goals long-term through evidence based measurement.

Contact Mike now to see how you can partner in the growth of a high performance culture that will set your organization up for a new level of success.  

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What leaders are saying about Mike Chase

“You are a gifted speaker who is able to touch an audience through sincerity, humor, wit, and down to earth message. Thanks for your time and energy on providing a wonderful message that will positively impact so many. Well done!!”
Rob - School Division Director

“Mike, I just wanted to say I was very inspired and impressed with your talk this morning at the Director’s Meeting. You really speak and work from the heart. I have heard so many good things through the years about you and it is all true. We are blessed to have someone who really cares and is so dedicated to making a difference in each and everyone who you work with. You do make a difference with all!”
Joan – Administrator