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Mike has been working with staff, students and senior administrators for over 10 years at building quality working relationships based...  learn more


Leadership, communication and effective behaviours for performance lie at the core of the group and individual coaching Mike offers to help...     learn more

"Mike, thank you for the powerful and inspiring message you presented to our group.  I appreciate your sincerity and humour.  The atmosphere in the room becomes positively charged when you speak."

-Laurie Bogner, Facilitator

"Mike has been someone I can rely on to provide me with a positive outlook and feedback.  Sometimes this feedback comes in the form of support, and sometimes it challenges me to think of all the options and angles.  I have never felt like Mike has told me something just because he thinks it is what I want to hear - I genuinely believe that he is respectfully working with me to achieve an outcome that is in my best interest.  I am very comfortable working with Mike and look forward to a continual coaching relationship into the future.

-Tim Zado, Georgian College

What People are Saying:

Our goal is simple: To help create deep working relationships as a means to dramatically improve performance.


Mike works with individuals, working groups, and organizations to reflect on the strengths they bring to the table and how these strengths can be leveraged to improve business outcomes.  Together, you and Mike will work to create powerful structures for clear functional communication.  The level of performance that follows will amaze you.  

Powerful Relationships at the heart of Performance

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Work with Mike to create a strengths based approach to improving your performance.  Evidence based communication strategies lie at...      learn more

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